The Burns Monument Gallery


Dick Silvester at the Burns monument in Brisbane Australia. The local Burns Club and the Queensland Scottish Association first proposed a Burns statue for the city in 1888. It was not until 1932 that the statue by Ward Willis was finally erected. The bronze shows "Scotland's Immortal Bard" leaning on a plough with his faithful dog at his feet, wearing a hat and waistcoat, looking relaxed on the carved sandstone plinth. Bronze plaques decorate each side of the plinth and depict scenes from his poems. Rededicated in 1989, the statue stands at Centenary Park near Wickham and Ann Streets.


Townsend in London

Brent Townsend at the Burns Monument in Victoria Embankment London. This work was created by John Steele and is the only Burns statue in England.



Toronto Statue

Stewart Cameron at the bronze Burns statue in Allen Gardens, Toronto. It was unveiled in 1902 and was created by sculptor D.W. Stevenson. The work was sponsored by the Toronto Burns Monument Committee.


Statue in NYC

Stewart Cameron at the massive bronze statue of Robert Burns in Central Park, New York City. This work by John Steell was the first statue of Burns erected outside Scotland. It was dedicated in 1880.


Stanley Park

Stewart Cameron at the Burns monument in Stanley Park, Vancouver B.C. It was erected in 1928 and was the first statue in the city. It was one of many copies of the G.A. Lawson design. Like the Halifax version, it has panels depicting his most famous poems.




Duncan McGregor at the bronze Burns statue by Scott Sutherland in front of the library at Arbroath, Scotland. Erected in 1959, it is one of very few completed after the Second World War.


National Gallery

Duncan McGregor beside the marble statue of Burns by John Flaxman. It was completed in 1828 and was based on the portrait by John Nasmyth. After two moves it was housed at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh



Duncan McGregor visits Bannockburn Scotland, where Burns was inspired to write his immortal poem Scots Wha Hae.




Ed Millar in Dundee, Scotland. This statue was erected in 1880. It was by Sir John Steell and was cast from his design for a statue in New York's Central Park, unveiled just weeks before this one.


Dumfries statueRichard McNair at Dumfries, Scotland. This piece is located at the town centre outside Greyfriars Church


Statue of Burns

Terry Rowell in Dunedin, New Zealand. One of the city's founding fathers was Thomas Burns, a nephew of Robert Burns. This statue, with Burns seated on a tree, is also from the Steell sculpture.



Cameron Halifax

Stewart Cameron at the local Burns statue in Halifax, Canada. Created by G. A. Lawson, the statue was erected in 1919 by the then Halifax North British Society (now known as "The Scots").




There are dozens of memorials and statues of Robert Burns around the world. When an HBC member spots one they record the visit with a photo.