Ciad Mile Fàilte


We are a mens' association in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We celebrate the life and works of the Scottish poet Robert Burns and promote Celtic heritage.



Our organization is based on the Tarbolton Bachelors' Club founded by Burns. Like the original club, we seek to be “a diversion for the weary man worn down by necessary labours of life”.


We have an active choir which is welcomed at numerous venues about town. Our members perform other work for good causes.


Our Burns Dinner is a highlight of our social year. It is highly regarded for its good times and top speakers.


We assemble on the first Thursday of the month between September and June aboard Canada’s Naval Memorial, HMCS Sackville.


Our meetings typically include poetic readings and songs of Robert Burns. Presentations on aspects of the poet's life and work have been popular recently. Like the Tarbolton Club, formal debates are presented from time to time.


In keeping with the Tarbolton tradition, our members are all male, although we have dropped the requirement to be a bachelor. Membership is by invitation and is limited to 37 men, one for each year that Burns lived.

Club News


Welcome to our newest member Brent Townsend, who was inducted into the club by president Phil Craig at the April meeting.


The next meeting will be held on Thursday the 7th of May at the Delta Halifax in the Empress Board Room on the 8th floor, time 19:00 for


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